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Creative Shorts: What are they?

Creative Shorts: What are they?

Creative Shorts are basically movies or videos that communicate a specific message, brand or product quickly, through multiple devices and channels, engaging the viewer quickly and effectively. Furthermore, kinetic brochures are specially designed to “fit” into the ever decreasing attention window experienced by users of mobile or tablet devices.

As users are saturated by information in today’s ever more mobile world, the requirement for succinct, easily absorbed information, available on the go is paramount. On such mobile devices, textual content is both laborious and requires an attention span that is often impractical. Users are now preferring to access information as either audio or visual content that can be abstracted through any device, at a time and location of their choosing. Creative Shorts are the perfect product to meet these requirements.

Creative Shorts provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to reaching your customer. Each one can be made available through the web via your website, YouTube or simply as a download. It can form part of a presentation, run on a loop at an exhibition, or be made accessible via your cloud or partner portal. A Creative Short can also be made available in a variety of formats enabling it to be viewed through just about any device.

So, whether you have a product to promote, a message to deliver, or e-learning information to distribute, a Creative Short is the ideal economical solution for you.

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