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Cloud Servers: Overview

Cloud Servers

Designed for high availability, our Cloud Servers are the easiest way to get your services up and running, cost effectively.

You have management access to the server through the provided control panel and a range of Linux operating systems from which to choose. The infrastructure we use provides you with a resilient and fast service you can rely upon. Take a look at our useful comparison page to see which server would be best for you.

With a Cloud Server you no longer need to worry about your hosting infrastructure. You have complete control and complete reliability.

Cloud Server Features

100% Uptime

The network redundancy infrastructure ensures your servers are always available.

If the node that your server is running on fails, we auto-migrate it to a spare node. This is a standard part of the service to give you maximum availability, and a key benefit over legacy hosting services such as dedicated servers.

Server Control

You have control of your servers through the ZPanel control panel.

Support Interface

A ticketing web-support interface for requesting reinstallation, rebooting and, firewalling or general support of your servers.

Free OS Licensing

Linux Ubuntu or CentOS installed.


A scalable server architecture that grows with your business needs.


We don’t rely on basic hard drives; all data storage happens on SANs. This means your data is safe on enterprise-class storage devices, that deliver enhanced performance and reliability over standard SCSI/SAS disks.

Storage Auto-tiering

Delivering data from the storage layer to the server’s CPU/RAM is a key factor in performance. Auto-tiering the storage, means that frequently accessed data can be retrieved more quickly.


Automatic daily backup are created across all our services, and included absolutely free. It means you are not putting your data at risk by not having a suitable backup strategy. Our backup service happens without affecting your server’s performance, the SANs do all the hard work of the backup for your server. This means at worst you may lose on a few hours of data should the worst happen.


If there is hardware failure all our services are self-healing.

Geographic Reach

With multiple sites in the UK, this ensures you receive a truly reliable hosting service.

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